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Create a Personal Dropbox with BitTorrent Sync


This one-line installer will automatically configure a remote BitTorrent Sync server.

Check out the Project on GitHub

Why set up a BitTorrent Sync server?

Unlike Dropbox, BitTorrent Sync doesn't sync to a central server. The upside is that it's not putting your data in the cloud. That's a huge upside.

The problem is that you are only be able to sync if the computer you're syncing with is turned on and connected to the internet. If you sync your iPhone with a laptop, but the laptop is closed, you won't be able to sync. Or if you sync your laptop with your office work station, and someone turns off the workstation after you leave the office, you won't be able to sync.

Syncing to a remote server creates a more Dropbox-like experience, because your files are always accessible (but only those files you selectively choose to put in the cloud!). 

What is BitTorrent Sync?

For the uninitiated, BitTorrent Sync is similar to Dropbox in that it lets you sync files across multiple computers. It has several major benefits over Dropbox:

  • BTSync is insanely fast.
  • It does direct computer-to-computer syncing, so your data doesn't have to go into the cloud.
  • It's not one-to-one: you can sync any directories on any computers with any other directories on any other computers.
  • BTSync can do read-only syncing, which is great if you need to distribute files.
  • You can sync with a web server to automatically deploy changes without ftp or ssh.
  • It can handle huge files, like HD video, i.e. you can sync directly with your editor while you're out on location.
  • It uses your local network when possible, rather than going out over the public internet, making it both faster and more secure.
  • It's open source.

There's more cool stuff, so check it out!

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